Why Use Bio-Protect Antimicrobial Surface Protectant

The answer to this question is easy. Bio-Protect will drastically reduce the risk of your family, friends, and co-workers from getting sick. Bio-Protect kills bacteria, fungus, germs, and other elements for up to 90 days. A typical application will kill 99.9% of these elements in your home or place of work.

Bio-Protect Kills Staff (MRSA) - A Dangerous Infection That Could Kill More Americans Than HIV (more than 90,000 get sick every year from MRSA)

But there are many other reasons too...

Bio-Protect Antimicrobial Surface Treatments are safe. Bio-Protect is REGISTERED WITH THE EPA. Bio-Protect has been thoroughly tested and been consistently effective in killing germs and bacteria. There has NEVER been a health claim made against Bio-Protect. This product contains
no heavy metals, arsenic, tin, phenol, or poisons.

Why not use typical household disinfectants?

Many products kill germs and other elements that cause sickness. However, their ability to protect the surface from new bacteria, fungus, and germs is lacking. Their protection life-cycle can be as short as just a few seconds. Bio-Protect lasts for 90 days, killing almost all disease causing elements from growing on the surfaces in your home or work place.