Top 10 car cleaning tips

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1)Vacuum in hard to reach places if you get yourself a length of hose pipe. Your hose pipe is probably long enough that you can spare 20", all you need to do is place one end of the hose between thumb and fore-finger and cup your hand over the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. This narrow extension not only enables you to get into those hard to reach areas down the side of the centre console, but it actually has more suck.

2)Use baby wipes on car dashboards, they clean like new and leave an anti-static layer.

3)For detail cleaning on the dashboard, the best thing to use is a soft paintbrush. It gets into all the grooves .

4)If you have ink stains on the leather, you can remove it with cuticle remover -- not nail polish remover! Just put some on the stain and let it set in anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight and then wipe it off.

5)A big old soft sock makes a perfect hand mitt for buffing the wax on your car.

6)When your windshield starts blurring when you turn the wipers on, dampen a cloth or rag with some full-strength white vinegar and run it down the full length of each blade once or twice.

7)To help restore a license plate that is beginning to rust, spray it with WD-40 and wipe with a clean rag. This will remove light surface rust and will also help prevent more rust from forming.

8)Freshen up - To rid of stale odors from the ventilation ducts, try spraying odor eliminator into the system's air intake, which is usually located at the base of the windshield. Then run the air conditioner full blast for at least 10 minutes.

9)Battery Cleaner(Removes built-up acid)Baking soda and Water Sprinkle baking soda onto battery terminals. Spritz with water to dampen. Let set for about one hour. Sponge off with water. Air dry.

10)Engine Degreaser: ΒΌ cup washing soda and 1 gallon warm water pour on engine areas that need degreasing. Rinse thoroughly. Excess should not be stored -- discard all leftovers.