Bio-Protect Your Schools & Daycares - Antimicrobial Surface Treatment

Schools, daycares and other child care facilities are notorious for being factories for all type of microbial growths. Most parents are very concerned with placing their child in an environment that will result in more sicknesses and infections. At the same time, in many daycares, children being sick is more of a norm rather than an exception.

Many illnesses in schools and daycares are caused by bacterial infections rapidly spreading among children. Daycares are especially prone to them due to many factors:

- Children have behavioral habits that call for close personal contact.
- Small children lack simple hygienic practices, including hand washing or not putting things in their mouths. In a daycare center, failure to heed these practices among other potentially sick children places kids at increased risk.
- An immature immune system that defends poorly against new infections makes small children more prone to new infections to which they have not been exposed.

Bio-Protect is a surface protectant that creates an antibacterial shield from odor causing bacterial, mold and mildew on the surfaces that children touch often:

- toys
- books
- tables
- chairs
- door handles
- light switches
- playground equipment